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Fluid Dynamics / CFD

Fluid Dynamics / CFD - Fluidyn-MP/NS


fluidyn-MP offers a complete CFD package for wide range fluid flow analysis and simulations: fluidyn-MP-NS. It states for Navier-Stokes. The full fluidyn-MP-NS package comprises of :

  • A 3D CAD and mesh generator fully associated with the fluidyn-MP environment: fluidyn-CAE. (Aided Engineering)
  • A user- friendly interface (MP-GUI) through which all fluid flow analysis can be set-up, and full post-treatment of results performed.
  • A batch solver and monitoring tools which encloses an ensemble of different fluid solvers for solutions optimisation, allowing the user to manage, in some expert ways, transient/steady, incompressible/compressible, single phase/multiphase flows on 3D unstructured meshes with heat transfer, radiation, turbulence, chemical reactions, multi-phases with free surfaces, droplets, etc.
  • Robust CFD tool features for advanced users.
  • User-coding for personalized applications and adding physics
  • Specific modules
  • A CAE-post platform for plotting results on CAD geometry

    Fluid Dynamics / CFD - Fluidyn-MP/NS


Fluidyn-MP-NS Solvers

fluidyn-MP-NS CFD platform uses Finite Volume (FV) schemes based on unstructured/multi-block meshes, for all flow simulations. It contains mainly 3 distinct CFD solvers which are used for flows at all speeds.

It disposes of a powerful structure to parameterize solvers, discretization schemes, etc allowing the user to manage solutions in expert ways, for an appropriate an accurate solution can be sought for :

  • Single-phase flows
  • Laminar/Turbulent flows (0, 1rst, 2nd order turbulence modelling).
  • Incompressible/Compressible flows
  • Steady/Transient simulations
  • Mixture flows (multi-species)
  • Reactive flows
  • Combustion
  • Surface adsorption
  • Solid coupled explosions


Fluid Dynamics / CFD - Fluidyn-MP/NS


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