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Fluidyn-FLOWSOL , Surface & Ground / Water Pollution

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fluidyn-FLOWSOL is self-contained software package designed for simulation of river pollution, sea water intrusion, aquifer water flow and contamination. The module fluidyn-FLOWPOL is dedicated to the surface water simulation. The module fluidyn-POLLUSOL is used for underground water modelling.


Features of fluidyn-FLOWPOL

  • 2D / 3D Surface water pollution
  • Industrial effluents transport and dilution in water (river, sea, ..), deposition and dispersion of sediments and particles, radioactive wastes
  • Monitoring hydro graphic network for floods
  • 2D / 3D surface water hydraulics, effluent discharge
  • Oil-slick movement
  • Solver is based on the Finite Difference method.

Features of fluidyn-POLLUSOL

  • 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport model.
  • Solver is based on the Finite Volume method.
  • Flow model is based on Darcy's law and mass conservation for porous medium
  • Groundwater contaminant transport model is based on well-established Fluid Dynamics principles, amongst which: advection, molecular diffusion, longitudinal dispersion, transverse dispersion, linear sorption and 1st order decay rate reactions.


Main Usages :

  • Unsaturated porous media for solute transport
  • Decay chain reactions in the source
  • Source term for radioactive waste disposal, deep geological repositories, tailing ponds and open cast uranium mines
  • Dose rate and risk factors
  • Flow flux, aquifer leakage, river leakage and well boundary conditions
  • Transient flow simulation
  • Exclude blocks
  • Monitor points
  • Compressible porous media
  • Irregular and fractured media
  • Estimation of subsoil water resources






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