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Consultancy Fluidyn VENTEX, Explosions / Blast in semi-confined spaces

Consultancy Fluidyn VENTEX Blast Explosion Semi-confined Spaces



We're using fluidyn-VENTEX, a module offluidyn-VENTIL, for our consultancy on simulation of explosions in confined and semi-confined spaces. It analyses the accidental explosion of solids, liquids (fuel) or gas clouds and solid-gas mixtures (dust clouds). The explosions may be simple or multiple, simultaneous or otherwise.


It is mainly used by industries and consultancy firms involved in the design of constructions capable of resisting the risk of explosions and of suitable solutions to reduce such risks (vent dimensioning). It also helps to determine the threshold of lethal effects and irreversible effects associated with pressure wave fronts.


Coupling with other atmospheric dispersion modelling tools in fluidyn-VENTEX range can help in evaluation of flammable clouds before explosion.


Flier : Fluidyn-VENTEX

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