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Environmental Pollution, Road Traffic Pollution

Environmental Pollution Environmental Pollution Road Traffic Pollution PANROAD


Atmospheric impact of road traffic pollution by fluidyn-PANROAD, a module of fluidyn-PANACHE




  • 3D modelling of air quality impact of a road network,
  • Air quality assessment of transport projects,
  • Evaluation of traffic emissions impact from road infrastructures and public transport (tramways, bus, lanes, ..) on the surroundings,
  • Dispersion of gas (heavy / light / hot / neutral, ..) and particles (dust, heavy metals, ..) with the help of Eulerian / Lagrangian / Puff models.




  • Near and far field modelling with the help of embedded structured / unstructured mesh
  • Takes into account the topography, all types of obstacles and ground occupation parameters to model the dispersion of gaseous pollutants and particles 3D wind fields, temperature and turbulence,
  • Various types of pollutant sources (roads, tunnels, ..),
  • Integration of chemical reaction models,
  • Heat inversion layer,
  • Takes into account weak wind conditions, annual / monthly / weekly / daily modelling, varying weather conditions.



Road studies by PANROAD


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