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Environmental Pollution, Groundwater Pollution

Environmental Pollution Groundwater Pollution Fluidyn POLLUSOL


Simulation of underground water pollution by fluidyn-POLLUSOL.




  • Study of aquifer structure,
  • Underground water resource management,
  • Security zonal line determination,
  • Implementation of captors / controllers,
  • Injection rain,
  • Analysis of pumping and tracing trials.




The computer code helps in modelling variations in speed, hydraulic charges, pressure, temperature and pollutant concentration in the soil. It can be used to solve hydraulic and transport equations simultaneously :

  • hydraulic equations in saturated zone, which give hydraulic distribution
  • transport equation of pollutant, which gives concentration distribution


These two hydrodynamic equations permit for steady-state and transient studies with conservation of pollutant mass.


A few of the advanced features added to the code :

  • Non-uniform Mesh
  • Variable Densities
  • Fractured Media
  • Estimation of subsoil water surfaces

Environmental Pollution Groundwater Pollution Fluidyn POLLUSOL


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