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Environmental Impact Analysis

Environmental Impact Analysis


fluidyn-PANACHE developed in collaboration with ADEME (French Ministry and Environmental Agency), is used for impact analysis. It is a self-contained fully 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package designed to simulate atmospheric pollutant dispersion over complex topography of industrial and urban areas. This simulates general air quality in various weather conditions, especially for low wind velocities and by including vertical air flow due to natural convection in the urban canopy. Beyond prediction of high pollution expediency periods, this software helps in finding optimal responses to them. The user can micromanage topography & traffic or industrial parameters to mitigate the effect on air quality. Non-homogenous meteorology over a complex terrain is as easily managed as over a flat terrain.


It can evaluate the contribution of several habitats to the air pollution, including the vehicles, the heat emissions from industries and urban areas. The ozone formation and regional transport can be evaluated by means of different reactive schemes.


In Environmental & Risk consultancy it helps in :

  • Urban Air quality modelling,
  • Industrial pollution Impact,
  • Surface water pollution, ground water pollution,
  • Ventilation of confined spaces like: mines, big factories and offices, road/ rail tunnel.


Some of such areas are done with our unique specialized software designed for these applications :



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