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Environment, Industrial Risks & Safety

Fluidyn sector's - Environment, Industrial Risks & Safety



For many years, conscious efforts have been made to minimize the abuse of air, water and land in order to limit the spread of pollution and toxicity in the atmosphere. The evolution of refined modeling tools has made it possible to simulate the conditions created by the pollutants and predict their effect as health hazard.

  • Town and city planning: Placement of trees, building locations and height, subway and tunnel locations, flyover locations, roads, rails, water and sewage planning

  • Industrial area planning:Choice of site, working hours, chimney locations and height, building locations, green bay area requirementsfor chemical, cement, mills, mines, oil, gas and petroleum and all other manufacturing industries in which the environment, people and infrastructures are at risk.


Features of FLUIDYN Tools

  • Assessment of Smoke & Hot Gas flow in order to provide proper Ventilation & Exhaust
  • Identification of Secure Locations for Fire Fighting crew to Suppress the Fire effectively in least time
  • Identification of Locations which are prone to Secondary Ignition/Auto Ignition due to hot gases and soot so as to take proper preventive measures like Applying Foam, Water Curtains etc.
  • Assess the Dispersion of Toxic Gases formed as by-products of fire in order to take proper emergency measures such as evacuation, High Expansion Foam Application etc.
  • Assess the Heat Radiation from the fire so as to analyze its impact on the Building Structure such as Heat stress, Deflection etc.
  • Prediction of fire Spreading
  • Predication of Flashback/Backdraft
  • Prediction of Flammable Cloud formation which can cause UVCE
  • Assessment of the Severity & Consequence of the Risk scenarios
  • Enhancing proper Salvage Operations and reduce Property Damage



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