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Energy Generation, Nuclear

Energy Generation Nuclear

Fluidyn has been providing simulation services and developing software solutions in multiphysics disciplinary such as fluid flow, coupling acoustic flows, magneto-hydrodynamics, electromagnetism, heat transfer, and fluid-structure interactions. It has also developed environmental & safety applications dedicated tool for Nuclear power plants.


Fluidyn numerical platform is used for several nuclear applications, and contains following features:

  • General fluid flow with thermodynamic models built-in for steam-water saturated mixture and compressible water
  • Higher order TVD based convection schemes for reduced numerical diffusion and accurate predictions of pressure losses in internal flows
  • Selection of explicit/ semi-implicit/ fully-implicit procedures for different applications
  • Explicit time-marching schemes for fast transients
  • Semi-implicit and implicit schemes for slow transients
  • Conjugate heat transfer (CHT) capability for all three modes of heat transfer in solids and fluids is an extremely useful tool for thermal analysis of steam generators, heat exchangers and other reactor components
  • The fluid-structure interaction (FSI) module can be used to analyse structural deformations due to accidents, rupture, flow-induced vibration, etc in a coupled manner where the structural movement and the fluid flow are computed together
  • High deformations induced by rupture in the recirculation pipe and propagation of the acoustic wave can be easily analysed