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Energy Generation, Fuel Cells


FLUIDYN incorporates some specific features for electrochemistry and fuel cells in the fluidyn-MP numerical platform.


Fuel cell modelling takes advantage of the coupled algorithms between Finite Elements method for structure solutions and Finite Volume method for fluid flow and Thermal solutions along with resolution of :

  • Mono-phase or multiphase (bubbly) flow in all kind of cells,
  • Electrical field and related electrochemical induced effects,
  • Primary, secondary distribution through anode/electrolyte interface,
  • Temperature distribution in both solids and fluids including surface heat source from reactions,
  • Ion transport and tertiary current distribution.


Some of the other related features are :

  • Convective heat and mass transfer,
  • Radiative heat transfer including participating gas,
  • Migration,
  • High temperatures.


FLUIDYN also participates into research programs for optimization of the fluid / electrochemical coupling for electrochemical cells designs (Eletrolyzers, MEMS,..)