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Fluidyn User Club



FLUIDYN software are used by a number of Industries, Research Organizations and Academic Institutes around the World.

fluidyn USER CLUB is a forum, exclusively, for the users of FLUIDYN software and services. Various  FLUIDYN utilities and research papers can be accessed by clicking on the relevant menus, on respective home page. User club access, through membership provides following special services and facilities:-


  • Download for specific demo, software kit or any other file assigned to the member with prior consent

  • E-delivery of software kits

  • E-learning for usage, installation and operation of S/W

  • E-consultancy

  • Facility to chat with fluidyn experts on matters of software installation, case setup / run or any other problem / query, through exclusive fluidyn-FM Chat

  • Forum


Being member of this club gives you rights to use GUEST CLUB facilities as well.