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Consultancy Conjugate Heat Transfer, Fluid Structure Interaction

FLUIDYN - Consultancy_Coupling_CHT-FSI

fluidyn-MP CHT (Conjugate Heat Transfer) is a numerical tool dedicated to the simulation of heat transfer in fluids and structures.


fluidyn-MP FSI is a unique, state-of-the-art software which involves the simultaneous utilization of both Finite Volume and Finite Element techniques, each in its area of high-speed interaction between two structures (distortion or structural deformations) or a structure and a fluid requires a simultaneous modeling of the large deformations of the structures and shock propagation in fluids.


An automatic re-meshing algorithm takes care of the interaction between the fluid and the structure mesh. The boundary conditions, in Finite Volume and Finite Element, are exchanged automatically.


The Fluid Solver simulates fluid flow in and around complex geometrical configurations with high-order numerical schemes applying Navier-Stokes equations. The solver also solves general convection-diffusion equations for any scalar quantity associated with fluid flows such as heat transfer, chemical reactions and radiation.




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