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Consultancy services are offered on complex assignments or as support to our software users. We also have agreements with some industrial groups such as ITER to offer specialized services. This includes :

  1. Design to prototype modeling as design engineer can exchange model information and results with Fluidyn consultants through our fluidyn-CAE software, a CAD based geometry model.
  2. Environmental & industrial risks modeling services are offered for atmospheric or water pollution, risk analysis for process failure, process modeling to mitigate the pollution risk.
  3. Services of academic research partners, working normally on FLUIDYN software development, to help in special cases.
  4. Development & inclusion of modules with special physics at internal consultancy rates.
  5. Supporting consultants offering services with FLUIDYN software at our internal consultancy rates.
  6. Quality assurance of studies by a consultant from another technical centre to ensure fresh assessment.
  7. Direct link to software development team on any queries on the algorithms or software.


FLUIDYN clients have at their service more than 50 consultants in many disciplines of multi-physics and environment modeling. Just as in the real world, the various disciplines of physics modeling are no longer separated and form a complete set of interconnected areas. Fluid flows are closely related to heat transfer, structural deformation may be a direct result of fluid impact, etc. In the same way, an industrial accident will be a consequence of a process failure and often cannot be decoupled.


Each member of the FLUIDYN technical centers is in constant touch with the rest of the team through intranet. This horizontal structure of the company achieves several goals:

  • Faster response at all stages,
  • Better understanding of a complex multi-physics problem,
  • Common pool of knowledge which ensures a homogeneous quality no matter who is running the case,
  • A faster bug identification and correction process,
  • Integrated Quality assurance done daily by another engineer at other centers 



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