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Consultancy Fluidyn PANACHE, Atmospheric Pollution & Industrial Risk analysis




fluidyn - PANACHE PANEPR analyses the consequences of accidental dispersion of :

  • Pollutant discharge in process industries due to rupture or leaks in pressurized or non-pressurized tanks, pipes, valves, joints, etc...
  • Combustion products due to fire in process industry
  • Gaseous release from a pressurized storage tank or pipe
  • (Dispersion) with variable rate
  • Two-phase (particles or droplets) or liquid release
  • Dense gas dispersion with stratification and heat exchange with the ground
  • Multiple kind of pollutant sources, such as stack and storage leaks
  • Interaction with structures, such as tanks and ground
  • Exact simulation of flow between building and chemical units by curvilinear mesh and a second order solver
  • Source calculation by computational fluid dynamics for pipeline and storage tank leaks
  • Analysis of toxicology risks in terms of inhaled doses
  • Dispersion of an explosive cloud (UVCE) : Cloud volume and mass in flammability limits.


It is a module of fluidyn - PANACHE and integrates its 3D modelling characteristics (wind, turbulence and pollutant transport-diffusion) and takes into account the influence of topography, obstacles (in near- by fields) and buildings, influence of vegetation and terrain on dispersion, solar radiation effects and ambient atmospheric conditions. It can simulate transient effects of the following physical phenomena: compressible flow, buoyancy effects, atmospheric release interactions, and variable source time.


Flier : Fluidyn-PANEPR

Press Release : Risques Industriels; Quel avenir pour la modélisation 3D ?


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