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Specific Software Development, Application Specific Modelling



In case it is required to develop application specific software, FLUIDYN undertakes a consultancy exercise followed by experimental validation by the client or an academic organization. Software is maintained under the same industrial maintenance guarantee as the general purpose software.


Some recent Examples:

  • Coupling Electrochemistry with 2 phase CFD & heat transfer : done for aluminum smelters and other devices such as fuel cells.
  • Puff reduction in atmospheric modelling  : done for odour dispersion as odour is an ill defined quantity. It is done by
         - Removal of 'puffs' beyond specified altitude. This is on the assumption that, in a specific case, the puff has a negligible significance at that altitude and would not be significant even if it moves downwards in the due course of time.
          - Puff merging is done under certain conditions
  • Metallurgy Applications : Jet Cooling module, Coating sheet module, Continuous casting module, Stripping module, Magneto-hydrodynamics module.