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Fluidyn's sector - Aerospace defense


AEROSPACE Applications

FLUIDYN has the unique combination of advanced 3D modelling and analysis, digital prototyping, and industry experience necessary to help solve the aerospace industry's most difficult and complex problems.


Aircraft structure and engine, airship, parachute and micro-gravity

  • Static and Dynamic analysis of structures and Fluid-Structure interaction
  • Wing and engine interaction, engine turbine design
  • Aerodynamic flow, flutter, in and around aircraft, helicopter, airship, and parachute
  • Combustion in scram jet, after burners, combustors etc.
  • Air Balloon and parachute opening
  • Internal acoustics


Environment Control

  • Pollutants dispersion in air/airports due to Air traffic
  • Noise pollution analysis in airports, aircrafts and environment
  • Fire and explosion study



DEFENCE Applications

FLUIDYN helps in designing of safer, efficient weapons, provide Environmental Impact studies, and flow modelling services with the help of its advanced CFD software packages
  • Detonation effect on structures
  • Vibro-acoustics as well as thermal simulations
  • Analysis for designs of weapons and Vehicles
  • Structural dynamics
  • Effects of aero- and thermo-dynamic loads
  • Stores Separation
  • Explosion modeling
  • Pollutants dispersion analysis
  • Emergency planning, risk analysis for explosions and fires



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