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Risk Consequences Analysis & Quantification

Risk Consequences Analysis Quantification


Industrial accidents, in Chemical or petrochemical sites, are often related to some equipment failure. In such a situation, the objective is to isolate the accident consequences of that equipment so it does not lead to loss of human life or ends up effecting other equipment in the neighborhood.


fluidyn-ASSESRISK calculates the distance of the affected area with the help of empirical formulations established and recognized by most of the organizations in the world. The Applications can be summarized as

  • Analytical evaluation of consequences due to industrial accident scenarios in the framework of danger / safety studies (HSE authorisation for new installations, specific response plans, internal operations plans, technological risk prevention plans, ..).
  • Modelling of various accident scenarios in 2D dimensions: Tank fire, Pool fire, BLEVE, BOILOVER, Tank explosion, UVCE


However such modelling does not take into account complexities of topography or variations in weather conditions. With respect to other such empirical modelling software, fluidyn-ASSESRISK offers the advantage of immediate transition to a full range of 3D CFD based modelling software fluidyn-PANACHE.


fluidyn-ASSESRISK can do a complete preliminary analysis of the consequences of accidents, quick simulations, large number of equipments available (atmospheric storage, gas tanks, pipelines, boilers, furnaces, LPG cylinders), petrochemical product database, UFIP risk assessment methodology, etc...


For major / complex accident scenarios, data prepared for 2D analysis by fluidyn-ASSESRISK can be used for a detailed analysis with the 3D software fluidyn-PANEPR, fluidyn-PANFIRE , fluidyn-PANWAVE etc...


Risk Consequences Analysis Quantification


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