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Fluidyn-PANFIRE, Industrial Fire

Software Fluidyn -PANFIRE Fire industrial buildings


3D Evaluation of heat radiation from a fire by fluidyn-PANFIRE



  • 3D modelling of fire radiation in danger studies (chemical warehouses, retention bunds stocked with hydrocarbon products, waste products, rack / bulk storage….)
  • Thermal effect areas computation in the neighborhood of a fire
  • Impact of radiative flux on industrial equipments
  • Performance assessment of mitigation measures for the areas affected by the radiation (retention bunds, water curtains, sprinklers, fire walls, ... )



  • Rapid and precise calculations of incoming heat flux in 3D
  • Design of fire walls, sprinklers and water curtains
  • Storage design in warehouses
  • Flame and radiative emissive power co-relations
  • Designing topography and building layout
  • NFPA and GESIP methodologies


Software Fluidyn -PANFIRE Fire industrial buildings


Modelling of smoke dispersion from fires, a 3D analysis of toxic effects thresholds can be done with the software fluidyn-PANEPR



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