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Accident Risk and Consequences

Accident Risk and Consequences


fluidyn-ASSESRISK (Risk analysis for Chemical and Petrochemical Refineries and Warehouses) is a software tool for the analysis of accident scenarios on industrial sites. The software uses the latest UFIP risk assessment methodology (Blue Book) for petrochemical refineries to analyse all possible accidental scenarios on petrochemical sites by analytical and empirical methods. This UFIP methodology has been validated by INERIS (French National Institute for Environment and Risks)

fluidyn-VENTEX (Confined and Semi-Confined Explosions) analyses the accidental explosion of solids, liquids (fuel) or gas clouds and solid-gas mixtures (dust clouds). The explosions may be simple or multiple, simultaneous or not. fluidyn-VENTEX is mainly used by industries and consultancy firms involved in the design of constructions capable of resisting the risk of explosions and of suitable solutions to reduce such risks (vent dimensioning)

fluidyn-PANEPR (Accidental Dispersion of Industrial Pollutants Emergency Planning and Response) analyses the consequences of accidental dispersion of

  • Pollutant discharge in process industries due to rupture or leaks in pressurized or non-pressurized tanks, pipes, valves, joints, etc.
  • Combustion products due to fire in process industry

fluidyn-FLOWSOL (Surface, Ground and Underground Water Pollution) is a 3D fluid mechanics software specifically developed to simulate hydrodynamic flows, transport and dispersion of pollutants and sediments, oil slick drifts and underground water pollution. fluidyn-FLOWSOL is used for rivers, estuaries, coastal zones, hydrographic networks flows as well as aquifers, ground and underground water. With the help of this model, the user can present an analysis of different cases to the administrative organizations and the public. The advantages of the solutions obtained are thus clearly brought into focus.



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