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FLUIDYN Service Centers

Fluidyn Service Centres


FLUIDYN service centers, in Paris and Bangalore, coordinate their action for consultancy and software support.


Paris center ensures consultancy services to western countries and Bangalore centre to Asian countries. They run parallel consultancy teams with frequent exchanges and a common data base of validation and case examples, for company wide standards and for customized inbuilt tools.


On major consultancy projects, technical resources are pooled. It gives significant flexibility for timely delivery of urgent and large size projects. As we mostly hire experts in specific areas, we have been always successful in finding right multi-physics talent in one of the centers. This is especially true for R&D projects where we need to find academic research support also.


Quality assurance of a major consultancy project being done by one center, is often performed by an engineer of the other team to ensure a fresh look and analysis.


Support services to Fluidyn software users are offered jointly by pooling technical resources– man and computational power, of the two centres. We strive to ensure an immediate response, to any request.


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