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FLUIDYN Partners


FLUIDYN R & D centres works for industrial organisations either directly or through its academic or consultant partners

Fluidyn Partners

Software support work is taken up by the centre closest to user but shared with other centres, if required, to ensure prompt response by the experts available. These centres are either our own subsidies or the partners As we are concerned to the future of our clients' data confidentially, selection of partners is done very carefully

Academic Partners :

To keep track of evolutions of technical knowhow, we have agreements with one or more academic consultants in each area of our expertise. We also offer our software practically free for teaching and to research teams with access to source software.


Software dedicated to specific industrial applications are also done in partnership with academic partners having established credentials in that application.


FLUIDYN has an ongoing ambitious plan of assisting the institutions of higher learning in their educational program of imparting consistent and gradual high quality knowledge of CFD based simulations to students. These institutions get software products free of cost, while services are made at a minimal cost basis. Program includes :

  • Development of application specific software in academic partnership
  • Publishing research articles of our academic partners in our News Letter –PLUMES
  • Training students from selected institutes, to work on advanced R&D projects
  • Supporting academic participants financially to present papers in major conferences.


Consultancy Partners :

We specialize in software development or special consultancy assignments which may require software modifications or validation by research laboratories. For most of the general consultancy assignments, we build long term relationship with consultancy partners.


This is also done with the objective of offering efficient and cost effective services from partners in Europe or India which may not be available to a client in normal circumstances.


FLUIDYN is a member of the following professional networks :

  • Club ADEME International
  • Founder member of the Eco-Industries network of the Plaine Commune
  • Founder member of FIMEA (Interprofessional Federation of Atmospheric Environment Professions-Fédération Interprofessionnelle des Métiers de l'Environnement Atmosphérique)
  • Associate member of the PS2E Research and Training Institute Project (Paris Saclay Efficacité Energétique piloté par Air Liquide – Paris Saclay Energy Efficiency directed by Air Liquide)
  • Pact PME – Association of Small, Medium scale industries and large industries to promote development and growth of innovations

R&D Affiliates :

FLUIDYN is affiliated to CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche – R & D Tax deduction)

In addition to the research done in-house by the software development team, FLUIDYN is also a participant in numerous R&D projects, either directly for an industry or via a consortium: ANR projects (National Research Agency), CITEPH (R&D in para-petroleum industry exploration/production), Workshops organized by Environment Ministry (GT3D – 3D modeling workshops.) We also collaborate with research organizations and / or universities :

  • Ecole Centrale Paris
  • LIMHP at Paris XIII University (Scientific Laboratory of Process and Materials)
  • LIMATB (Materia Engineering Laboratory, University of South Brittany)
  • Berkeley University (USA)
  • Manchester University (UK)
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany


FLUIDYN is also affiliated to the following Global competitive clusters :



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