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Consultancy Fluidyn-MEHD, MHD and Electrochemistry


FLUIDYN has been developing multi-physics applications for process industry since more than 15 years. Magneto-Electro-Hydro-Dynamics has become a key development for high-tech applications specially for nuclear industry and for other industrial related areas, such as: metallurgy, fuel cells industry, plasma process industry, electro winning industry (electrolysis processes), etc…


FLUIDYN's MEHD module is based on fluidyn-MP multi-physics platform which offers great flexibility for multi-physics solution. This specific module is composed of:

- MHD module based on the resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations, including the effect of Lorentz force for conducting fluids. Two specific formulations are available for this original coupling with an external applied electromagnetic field:

  • Electric potential based formulation
  • Induced magnetic field formulation


These formulations take into account an external fixed magnetic field, and solve the induced forces on conducting fluids in motion, a one-way coupling process.


Different conducting walls can be considered for analysis of actual cases, with a complete conservative solution of current densities inside the whole domain.


MHD module developed by FLUIDYN has been proved to work up to high Hartmann numbers (104 – 105).


Consultancy Fluidyn-MEHD, MHD and Electrochemistry


- Original coupling with Electrochemistry which allows the users to perform simultaneous fluid flow analysis in different electrochemical cells coupled with the resolution of specific electrochemical phenomena, such as:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary current distribution
  • Electrolyte species mixing and localized conductivity
  • Thermal induced problems
  • Two phase flows, ion transport


This coupling can be used for 3D single phase, multi-hase electrolyzers (electro winning processes, deposition processes), fuel cells (MCFC, PEMFC, SOFC, etc…),…


Besides, fluidyn-MEHD module can be used with all pre- and post-processing tools available provided for fluidyn-MP software.


FLUIDYN's Clients related to the use of MEHD Module are mainly: ALCAN, AREVA, AXANE, CEA, IPR, ITER, KIT…

Consultancy Fluidyn-MEHD, MHD and Electrochemistry



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