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Fluid Flow Analysis using fluidyn-MP


Challenges encountered in design due to fluids are numerous and we have to be sure of using appropriate tools that can yield remarkably accurate predictions. The more and better understanding of flow behaviour can result in better and optimised designs.


Fluidyn has an expertise of 26 years in solving wide variety of flow problems and offers modelling and simulation tools based on Computational Fluid Dynamics and related areas such as stress analysis, heat transfer, fluid-structure interaction etc.


Join us in the webinar to gain insight into fluidyn solver. fluidyn-MP can help designers gain insight into flow physics to help them improve designs for efficiency, durability and safety. fluidyn-MP has several numerical schemes available to accurately represent all kinds of flows ranging from incompressible to highly compressible flows, from free surface to discrete particle laden flows and from steady to highly unsteady flows (explosions).


From : Bangalore Office

Date : To Be Announced

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