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Molecular Gas Dynamics


Molecular gas dynamics or rarefied gas dynamics concerns the problems of gas flows when the discrete molecular effects of the gas prevail under  low density condition


The molecular / rarefied gas dynamics modelling will benefit the engineers engaged in aerospace high altitude aerodynamics and heating design and in research of gas flows in MEMS applications which involve the transport of gases through fine bore capillaries. The fluidyn-MP DSMC model developed by FLUIDYN specifically for rarefied gas flow modelling can be used to study air filled heat exchangers to cool integrated circuits.



  • In Atomic Molecular Physics: Vacuum Technology, Charged particle traps
  • In Upper Atmosphere Research
  • In Gas Chromatography
  • Medical Applications: Respiratory gas analysis, Blood gas analysis, Drug detection, Bacteria fingerprinting
  • Environmental Applications: Detection of pollutants in air, water analysis 



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